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THREE Insta loving

Those of you who follow me on Insta (necessary plug inserted here - @beaandcostyle) will vouch for the fact that I love a good post. I love sharing what I've been up to.

And I really love sharing the brilliance of other creatives from near and far.

I want to get lost.

Get out of my own zone.

Live through someone else's joys, colour and excitement.

Just for a while.

Here's my TOP FIVE Instagram loves.

1. @thismintymoment

A Californian based photographer who embraces simplicity with playfulness, light and colour. Lots of shadowy goodness that float my boat and make me rethink how I take my own happy snaps.

2. _itsbeautifulhere

Contributing to the likes of Harpers, Conde Nast and Vogue, this account sets itself apart from the rest of the travel influencers by creating "travel guides for glittering eyes". Seriously inspiring travel pics and gorgeous colour found here.


Listing as a photographer with bases in Mexico City, Barcelona and LA this account definitely gives you the best of many worlds. Photographs are snippets in time and are definitely outside the square of 'those regular travel pics' we see floating around Insta these days. This chick shakes it up a little!

4. @krickelin

For the nordic lovers.

The lovers of anything and everything blue.

The beautiful home of this Swedish blogger, freelancer and storeowner features heavily on this Insta account.

5. @alidaandmiller

Shout out to these Byron Bay locals and mother and daughter who dabble in Interior Design, Styling and Project Management.

Simply gorgeous insta feed worthy of a follow and a dream or two.

Allow many moments to scroll through friends.

So onwards and upwards friends.

Make sure you like images that resonate with you.

Share the love.

Post comments to those who inspire you.

Instagram is a fabulous part of my everyday, fuelling my creativity and leaves me begging for more.


X Bea

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