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TWO A picture tells 1,000 hours*

So I'll be honest.

*1,000 may mean I have my foot on the exaggerator.

But to get a stunner like this one above, there are many hours involved before the gooh and gah gets delivered in the inbox.

I recently worked on this shoot with the fabulous and very experienced Julia Green from Greenhouse Interiors. The concepts took approximately 3-4 weeks before shoot day - countless late night/early morning emails, numerous phone calls and that was before anything was sourced to create scenes like this.

Want to see the before?

Each shot ( times these concepts x mighty 7 ) was themed around the incredible new art collection "The Flock" by Australian artist Adele Naidoo.

Originally we were going to headline a kids bedroom setup complete with two toned walls and layered bedlinen with these feathered friends - Oscar Sophia and Milo.

But this is where the fun, adrenaline, red lolly - fuelled styling muscles get flexed.

On set.

Under a time constraint.

Photographer waiting (the clever and talented Armelle Habib).

Studio time ticking by.

Surrounded by numerous products sourced from local suppliers and artisans, on the hop decisions are made, trusting the eye and great images are created.

Just like this one.

It takes a village - and don't forget the 1,000 hours!

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